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Red Buffalo is a visionary media company deeply rooted in Native American heritage, dedicated to capturing and celebrating the rich tapestry of indigenous cultures. 

Our Services

We offer a script to screen services, always keeping the client’s vision in mind. From scriptwriting to drone photography, feature films to online advertisements, we do it all. Take a look at our services below and get in touch today.

Writing with Pen


We can take care of all preparations for a film shoot, by helping with the creative, storyboarding, assembling crews or casting for actors.  With years of experience in filmmaking, we get it done.


With so much on set experience, and utilizing industry standard equipment, from professional cameras to lights to audio recording, Red Buffalo Images is uniquely situated to make you look good.

Video Editing Timeline


We offer color and audio correction, and  can edit in both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X in our post production studio in downtown Olympia.  We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Our Mission 

At Red Buffalo, our mission is to amplify Native voices and stories through the lens of visual storytelling. We envision a world where indigenous narratives are not only preserved but also shared globally, fostering understanding and appreciation.

Dan Bigbee Producer & Photographer

Dan Bigbee Jr.

Producer & Photographer

I have over 35 years of service in television; producing, directing and editing. I also have been a station engineer for most of my career.


Morgan Scott Photographer & Editor

Morgan Scott

Photographer & Editor

Im new to the television Industry but Im eager to learn and to keep learning until I can grow my own business.

Pam Belgarde Producer

Pam Belgarde


I  began at tribal radio stations and later national programming with AIRROS. 10 years later I found myself producing indigenous documentaries for PBS. 

Boots Kennedye Executive Producer

Boots Kennedye

Executive Producer

Working with tribes has been the honor of my life. PBS is the perfect place to tell our stories for a national audience. Our work also extends into non-profit videos and commercial work.  

Robert Burch Producer & Writer

Robert Burch

Producer & Writer

I have worked 30 years in television as an anchor, reporter and finally series producer with PBS; winner of two Western Heritage Awards

Christy McGehan Producer & Photographer

Charisty McGehan

Producer & Photographer

I  began my career at PBS, but now work in lots of media both commercial and non-profit and have taught at university level. 

Patrick Myers Field Sound Engineer

Patrick Myers

Field Sound Engineer 

For the past ten years I have worked as a sports photographer and sound engineer. I absolutely love recording our Indigenous stories, Im living the dream. 

Our team specializes in producing cinematic narratives that authentically portray the diverse cultures, traditions, and contemporary lives of Native American communities. Our filmmakers work closely with tribal leaders and community members to ensure accuracy and respect in storytelling.

Red Buffalo Images Inc. 

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